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Our youth leadership programme provides many pathways for young people to engage with the wider community.
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Opportunities for Progression

Young people often begin their journey with Second Wave as participants and performers. They are invited to develop their creative abilities and skills in civic engagement skills as young volunteers and workshop leaders.
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Critical Encounters: Young People and the Police

Workshops are led by young people with police officers in a safe, creative space where the voices of young people are heard and their views taken seriously. This ongoing work is recognised as an example of good practice.
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No More Hate: Working Together 

Second Wave initiates and supports community forums led by young people where the issues of hate crime can be discussed in a safe space. These efforts promote critical awareness and ways of working together to build community resilience.
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Partnership & Research

In partnership with the University of Greenwich, our 'community of practice' approach enables the voices of young people to be heard more widely and their views taken seriously as activists for change.
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Covid safety protocols will apply throughout the delivery of our programme.

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