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In performance and interactive debate, our story addresses problems of grooming, radicalisation and violent extremism.
*Now available for virtual delivery or with social distancing.

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What We Offer

A performance-based outreach programme for schools, colleges and community settings. Suitable for audiences aged 13+ years, Shadow Games is recognised by the Home Office as an example of good practice in exploring key issues raised by the Prevent strategy.

Our approach promotes the safeguarding and resilience of our communities and counteracts negative stereotypes through creative engagement and critical learning. Our audiences are encouraged to 'hot-seat' the characters, question their motives and discuss questions of innocence and guilt in a structured courtroom debate.

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Socially Distanced Delivery

young women in workshop
From October 2020

For a socially-distanced delivery, we offer screening of the Shadow Games film followed by a workshop and debate session in your setting. Our team will comply with your organisation's safety protocols.

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More about Socially Distanced Delivery

This model provides your students an opportunity to watch the Shadow Games film.
Our facilitators will arrive at your setting and join you for the screening of the film on your delivery date. We can provide 2 - 4 facilitators as you require.
Following the screening, they will lead the courtroom workshop and debate session deliberating on the trial facing the characters.
We only accept bookings for a full day. This includes two performances and workshop debates. Each session lasts 60 - 90 minutes and can accomodate up to 35 participants.

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Virtual Delivery

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From November 2020

For a virtual delivery we offer access to the Shadow Games film, online learning resources, studio recording of workshop and debate and interactive questionnaire for students.

More about Virtual Delivery

This model provides you with access to all our online resources for 14 days.
Teachers and students will be able to stream the Shadow Games film from secure online portals, as well as download learning materials, watch an engaging recorded session where audience hot seat the characters and enact a courtroom debate. Students can then submit their own verdicts of the characters on trial through the portal.
We welcome upto 125 participants on one licence in this model, including teachers and students. Organisations are welcome to request more than one licence, for instance to cover an entire year group.

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Performances for Larger Audiences

school participants in circle
From January 2021

For this delivery model, we offer a live performance followed by an interactive workshop and debate with the audience.

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More about Delivery to Larger Audiences

Delivered by our full team of 5 actors and 2 facilitators. On your chosen delivery date, our team would deliver live performances followed by facilitating an interactive workshop and debate.
We only accept bookings for a full day. This includes two performances and workshop debates. Each session lasts 80 - 120 minutes and can accomodate up to 70 participants.

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"Students really enjoyed being the jurors and deciding where they were guilty or not."
Nicole Small, Harris City Academy Crystal Palace


"Brilliant, original, engaging workshop by Second Wave Youth Arts on the issues around vulnerability and extremism!"
Woodbridge High School


"Great Session - fantastic engagement"
Yvonne Dixon, Harris Academy Purley


"I like the effects the show had. Every character is good at acting. Verdict was not fair."
Student, Newcity College


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Shadow Games has toured extensively across London and delivered virtually to over 20 schools in 2021 and reached thousands of young people during unprecedented times.

Our innovative model helps students and teachers discuss complex issues in ways that resonate with the community and create lasting engagement and develop critical thinking skills.

Our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions and lend expert support where needed.

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What happens next...

We know these times are uncertain and we are keen to work closely with you to deliver a bespoke package to you. Please register your interest by filling out our brief form. A member of staff will then contact you to further discuss your requirements.

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