Shadow Games...

With narratives and interactive debates, our story addresses problems of grooming, radicalisation and violent extremism.

*Now available for live and online delivery.

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What we offer
A six-week PSHE resource for KS3 - 4 and a valuable tool for delivering the Prevent Duty for Schools

Shadow Games is a drama-based outreach programme for schools, colleges and community settings.
With guidance from PSHE Association and Home Office, Shadow Games delivers across all three core strands: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.
The project has been recognised nationally in Prevent Success Stories.
Watch the opening extract from the Shadow Games film.

The issues raised in this production are so relevant to many young people and their experiences...

Newham College

Our Approach
Drama-based, interactive, generating lively debates

Shadow Games challenges stereotypes and engages young people through compelling characters and narratives. Shadow Games has been developed by young people at Second Wave as writers, lyricists, musicians, writers, actors and crew.
Young people will relate to the relationships, settings and ethical dilemmas explored in the project. Watch a lyrical piece exploring mental health for the protagonist

Shadow Games has made me realise the consequences of trusting someone you shouldn't..

Sydenham School

Live Delivery
Face to face workshops

Second Wave facilitators will visit your setting and offer screening of the Shadow Games film followed by a bespoke workshop, hot-seating and debate session with your pupils. Our team will comply with your organisation\'s safety protocols.

The students were captivated during the performance and the follow-up discussion drew out a range of interesting points from the students...

Camden Girls School

Virtual Delivery
Fully flexible 6-week programme

Our virtual delivery package is fully flexible and comes with everything you need to run succesful sessions. Book for a time that suits you to receive teacher\'s guidance notes, lesson plans, films, interactive workbooks and full support.

I'm happy I got the verdict right and the acting was amazing in my opinion. I really liked how accurate this was as many people meet other people online who they think are their friends and are here to help however they turn out to have another objective which at the time you wont realize.

Beal High School

Our Impact
Shadow Games has toured extensively across 9 London Boroughs and has engaged 10,000+ young people to date

Our innovative model helps students and teachers discuss complex issues in ways that resonate with young people's lived experiences in their community. The project creates multi-layered discussions and is a regular PSHE resource for many schools. Our aim is create lasting engagement with your students and develop their critical thinking skills.
Our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions and lend expert support where needed.

I like the effects the show had. Every character was good at acting. Verdict was not fair because the young people faced more punishment than the guy who manipulated them.

Newcity College


I can personally say that it is one of the best resources that I have seen and ever used, it is really engaging for the students, easy to deliver for staff via the video clips whilst also providing lots of good discussion points and opportunities for debate.
Alternative resources used were simply nowhere as near engaging or as powerful a learning experience.

Nicholas Lawrence, Assistant Principal
Bonus Pastor Catholic School


The way that the material was presented, the performances and hot seating was really impressive. Interactivity was excellent. The students really gained from the classroom discussions.

Mary O'Brien, Deputy Headteacher
Langdon Park School


As this is a PRU, it's not often that we see such a high level of interest, particularly in large groups. It really shows that Second Wave have pitched the work perfectly and provided a safe environment for our students to learn about a challenging topic.

New River College
Pupil Referral Unit


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