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‘Sadly, today in the inner cities of Britain and America, many people are fearful. Some fear for their personal safety. They are afraid of their neighbours, especially the young people. But it is our youth whose lives are most at risk. Too many young people’s lives have been lost or blighted by violence and the fear of violent crime… Hysteria around the “war on terror” have resulted in members of our Islamic community being unfairly targeted – “stopped and searched,” without due process or reason…Fear limits us – hope unleashes creative genius. I want to say to you young people especially…when young people move, the world changes… dream beyond your age’
Rev Jesse Jackson

kloe & leemore

'Nothing has been more damaging to the relationship between the police and the black community than the ill judged use of stop and search powers. For young black men in particular, the humiliating experience of being repeatedly stopped and searched is a fact of life, in some parts of London at least. It is hardly surprising that those on the receiving end of this treatment should develop hostile attitudes towards the police. The right to walk the streets is a fundamental one, and one that is quite rightly jealously guarded.'
Bernie Grant, Former Member of Parliament for Tottenham, London, 1997


StopWatch launched by Rev Jesse Jackson

On Monday 18 October 2010 the campaign organization StopWatch was launched at King's College London where key speaker Reverend Jesse Jackson called for an end to "racial profiling" on both sides of the Atlantic. The StopWatch action group seeks to work with communities, ministers, policy makers and senior police officers to ensure that the reforms to the police service are fair and inclusive, and lead to better policing for all.

Leemore Marrett Jr and Kloe Dean followed Rev Jesse Jackson’s rousing speech with a description of their own and other young people’s experiences of being stopped and searched. They also described the ground-breaking work they have been involved in at Second Wave working in partnership with the police and young people to improve the quality of interaction on the street. The Critical Encounters Programme, set up by Second Wave in 2005, is led by young people and brings police, young people and community together to tackle the issues of crime and fear of crime in the community.

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Kloe & Leemore space Leemore & Jackson

Ben Bowling & Jesse Jackson space

Ben Bowling, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at King's College London – also a member of StopWatch – said, "The abuse of stop and search has driven a wedge between police and communities. It is often unfair and ineffective and can be counter-productive. StopWatch aims to monitor the use of stop and search powers and focus research and public policy on developing good policing. Together we can find fairer and more inclusive ways of creating a safer society".

Photo: Naresh Verlander

Kloe & Leemore space

'As a young person I feel every encounter with the police is significant. If it’s positive, you can walk away feeling safe, valued and free to live your life. But if it’s hostile, the impact is felt in the wider community. I think this is particularly true of Stop & Search…Second Wave’s message to both police officers and young people alike is to use their intellect rather than use force…police officers and young people taking risks to learn from each other.’
Kloe Dean

'As a young person I had a lot of energy…I was looking for respect, but wasn’t sure where to find it…If young people feel they’ve been treated harshly or unfairly, it’s hard to get them to speak out…Most young people say – if it’s their word against the police – then forget it. In Stop & Search…it’s the quality of the encounter that matters most. When it’s done badly, it’s humiliating…If you are 15 or 16 and this happens to you, it’s difficult not to be angry. And young people talk to each other about these incidents…'
Leemore Marrett Jr


audience space


audience space


Leemore, Kloe & Jackson space

Outside King's College


‘I got involved in this work with the police because I knew young people tend to take their view of the world from their friends. And if no one ever challenges that belief, I think that fear inhibits your future…'
Kloe Dean

Leemore & Jackson
'A community will not feel safe when young people are over-policed and under-protected.'
Leemore Marrett Jr

Kings College

kings college

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