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Creston Hamilton
17 year old VOLUNTEER Creston says "I joined Saturday Youth Theatre first and later the project working with local police. Before I would never have been able to do it, but now I've been involved in all sorts of public events. We're able to go to those in authority and explain why young people aren't engaging and how they could change that. And because of how we present ourselves, they listen."


20 year old Trainee Tutor and lyricist, Logic, said, "As a lyricist I want to reach everyone. Anything that is worth achieving is worth fighting for through time and effort. There are not enough organisations like Second Wave. Many young people do not have the right resources for them to have a chance."

Ade Ogundare-Ali

24 year old TRUSTEE Ade said, "I joined Saturday Youth Theatre at 16 and went on to volunteer. Most recently I was a visual artist in
What Does It Take. Performing arts are about creating experiences... anything is achievable. Second Wave is a leader in its field and as a Trustee I hope to be an initiator of change."

McKie Jackson
18 yr old APPRENTICE and actor McKie Jackson supports workshops on Saturdays. "When I first came to Saturday Fusion I was 15, by myself and nervous. By the middle of the Taster Workshop I felt comfortable. It was professional, but not too serious or restricted. It was like a new opportunity, a chance to socialise and express emotions in an energetic, positive way. Like if you felt sad or happy it comes out. The stories we create are something you see Ð on road, in the chip shop, in the market... anywhere. At 2Wave you are the template. You can move things about, change things. Other places they tell you what they think, and what you should do. And a show is a rush! Anything can happen! You become more confident as you progress."

Shakira Davis

16 year old VOLUNTEER Shakira said, "I started with the youth theatre because I wanted to dance. Now I'm on the Event Crew helping to support the next event and other young people. Second Wave is youth-friendly and helps young people improve their skills without any pressure."

Rachel Osbourne
21 year old YOUTH ARTS APPRENTICE, Rachel said, "Volunteering really picked me up. I feel I've given so little but received a lot. I joined the Event Crew supporting the summer production What Does It Take? Now I am an apprentice, learning skills in event and centre management."

Denise Dickenson

24 year old TRUSTEE, Denise, says "I've been a member since Harmony In Harlem in 2002 and volunteering since has helped me to grow. As a Trustee I want to support in various ways."

Michaela Davis
19 year old Michaela joined 2Wave with an interest in performance, and joined the Event Crew, working with professional photographer Sarah Ainslie. "Since then, I've taken a huge interest in photography. I started a Foundation Course in Art & Design at Central Saint Martins and now do my own work as a photographer." Last summer she supported Swagga on costume and visuals.

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Young Artists
Read below about the experiences of Second Wave young artists who have done our Apprenticeship Programme...
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Kloe Dean
Kloe is part of BLAZE, which was nominated for the LEA (Live Entertainment Award) 2013. The show features break-dancing, popping, locking, hip-hop and even tap dancing. "As a woman in hip-hop, you have to be very bold to stand out. The guys can be very daring and they don't really care what other people think…I used to worry about what people think all the time…Now I'm just going to be me and do what I do well."
Dancer, Choreographer and Freestyler

Kloe is a passionate and unique hip-hop dancer, choreographer and freestyler from London, UK. Former Second Wave member and local Lewisham resident, Kloe Dean is now an Associate Artist at Second Wave.

Kloe is part of one of the UK'S leading street dance companies, Boy Blue Entertainment, and leads her own all female dance collective Myself UK Dance. Kloe has performed in numerous productions, showcases and competitions around the world. She has most recently begun touring in Europe with French choreographer Mourad Merzouki from Compagnie Kafigand and is a cast member of the Street Dance Sensation BLAZE which tours internationally. Kloe was a professional cast member of The Official Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London 2012 and Boy Blue Production Legacy The Works in Ipswich UK 2011. She has performed and showcased on many platforms including Breakin Convention in Sadler's Wells London, International Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas USA. She has made TV appearances on Channel 4, CBBC, ITV, Sky 1 and BBC for the Queen's Coronation celebration at Buckingham Palace 2013. Kloe also features in the summer 2014 O2 Campaign 'Think Big' advert and the films 'All-Stars' and 'The Harry Hill Movie'.

Kloe said, "I’d like to bring everything I’ve learnt at Second Wave into my work as a performer and as a workshop tutor - professionalism, working in a team, dedication, and being able to express myself. It’s also exciting to bring UK Hip Hop to an International audience. I want young people to know that anything is possible, if you work hard".

Kloe is part of Second Wave’s team of young leaders piloting a new national qualification, entitled Youth & Community Skills for Safer Neighbourhoods. The first of its kind, this has been designed by Second wave through our collaboration with Lewisham Police and the Open College Network London. Kloe said, "For me Second Wave’s qualification can help bring police and young people together and make our streets safer."
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Tori Taiwo
space VICTORIA TAIWO 22 years
Designer/Maker and Choreographer and Writer

Victoria joined 2Wave at the age of 13 and went on to train as an Apprentice, facilitating drama & dance programmes for young people. She set up her own dance group Ecology in 2006, and started entering competitions, as well as designing costumes and footwear for her dancers. "Designing things is about identity and the freedom to express who you are".

In 2009, Victoria was one of 10 young artists selected to take part in the UK’s unique creative business incubator for designer-makers set up by Head for Business and Cockpit Arts, funded by the Arts Council, described as ‘a unique entry route for raw creative talent to work alongside established professional designers’. Victoria believes that "skating, dance and design can all work together. I’d also like to make new partnerships internationally".
KBD Designs is now working in partnership with Supreme Skaters Elite (SSE) and Flavour Magazine will be producing a two page feature on her work.

Victoria is also setting up an all female branch of the company called 4fourAll. Roll and Bounce Skating Launch Event at London Bridge (Tunnel 47) on 6 February 2010 will feature her and other young designers work (See Facebook).

Victoria is also building links with Artists for Humanity, a Boston based youth arts company linked to 2Wave, and she will be part of the team of young artists involved in 2Wave’s Cultural Exchange programme with Amsterdam.
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Inspire Youth Dance
space AARON AUGUSTUS 22 years                  
Dancer, Choreographer and Producer

Aaron Augustus is an Associate Artist at Second Wave. He choreographed the dance for Swagga in 2009. "I was 16 when I joined. I was in What Does it Take (2007) and it made me want to know how to produce a show like that. When I was 18 I joined the Apprentice Programme. I learnt about youth work, workshop skills, how to script, direct and manage projects. I also learnt how to handle people and create a comfortable working environment".

At 19 Aaron he was ready to set up his own company Inspire Youth Dance and Channel 4's Year Dot programme filmed him in the first year of setting up. In December 2009 Aaron’s company produced a dance event at the Albany. "It was great but my next challenge is to use the writing skills I have got from 2Wave in my choreography." Aaron’s dance credits include: a T-mobile ad, IDO World Hip-Hop Dance Champion, SDIi UK Street Dance Champion.
Aaron has been commissioned by Second Wave to produce a new dance narrative, scheduled for May and called Reckless.

Below, Inspire Youth Dance at The Albany
Inspire Youth Dance
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Allan Okello
Alan performing in Second Wave's Harmony in Harlem at the George Wood Theatre in 2002

  ALLAN OKELLO 26 years
Media & Events Manager

Allan and his siblings arrived from Uganda. He joined Second Wave when he was fifteen. “A friend invited me to a poetry workshop. At first I just sat out in the foyer – I was too shy. I was writing poetry in secret and later came out after joining a hip hop workshop. 2Wave was a safe space to try things out. I discovered things…like I was afraid to dance, but when I was performing in a production that 2Wave was doing with GDA I had to do all these dance routines!

"At 17 I got into trouble with the police – peer pressure. Second Wave was a big support, offered me training and a job as a Support Tutor. I also started working as a DJ, promoting concerts, artists and organising events. I got a job at Live Magazine and got into journalism, photo design, and distribution, and now I’ve set up my own magazine. I’m so different now. Second Wave was the foundation of it all, increasing my confidence and self-worth."

In 2009 Allan moved to Leeds and has since launched NTZ entertainment magazine, for 18-30 year-olds.
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Tamsin aka The Concise One
Tamsin aka The Concise One
Tamsin aka The Concise One
Risin' from the Dust
  TASMSIN KAYEMBE aka The Concise One 23 years
MC, Writer and Lyricist

A respected Poet/MC, Tamsin grew up in Deptford. An Associate Artist and resident Lyricist at 2Wave, Tamsin joined the project when she was 13. She became an Apprentice in 2006 and wrote and performed in What Does it Take at the Albany in 2006 & 07, and Placebo in 2008. In 2009 she joined the writing team for Swagga and is working on a new play for Lyrisistaz, the young women’s performance group at 2Wave, due to be premiered in July 2010.

"Second Wave’s writing process challenges convention. You are into a rehearsal room with young people, and other young artists. You work with the experiences they bring to shape the story. You write for characters, for their stories, and there’s a lot of re-writing. It's a craft and I'm learning new things all the time."

A regular host for the Breakout Club at Midi Music Company, Tamsin has contributed to research for Risin’ from the Dust – a new film about the history of Grime and Garage Music by OOR Productions in association with young people from the Midi Music Company and the Albany. She is also working on a project with the Half Moon Theatre, introducing very young children to lyrics.
Some of Tamsin’s tracks can be heard on

Tamsin aka The Concise One
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Leemore Marratt

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Actor and Facilitator

Leemore joined 2Wave when he was 15. He completed his BA Acting course at Central School of Speech & Drama in 2009, having gained a first. He won the Diana Wade Bursary 2007 and Olivier Award Bursary in 2008. He performed in Shakespeare’s Globe for the Sam Wanamaker Festival 2009 and was recently signed by Feast Management. He has just finished working with Ian McKellan on a pilot television series called The Academy

"I auditioned at 2Wave and got a role in Harmony in Harlem (2002). That production really cemented my interest in theatre. I love American theatre and it had that feel to it, and I was only 16 and working with a cast of young adults, which I really enjoyed. When I was 17, I did a course in Musical Theatre at Greenwich Theatre. I performed in other 2Wave shows like Urban Tales (George Wood Theatre), and What Does It Take".

Leemore will also be involved in 2Wave’s Industry Speakeasy, So you wanna be in show business? in February 2010.
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More young artists...

Wai Yin Kwok
Wai Yin Kwok
24 year old Wai Yin volunteered at Wave in 2006, supporting on costume for What Does it Take (2007). In 2008, she was Costume Designer for the new production at the Albany. Wai Yin designed the set and costume for Swagga. Graduating from Rose Bruford College, her designs include Dark Tales (The Lion & Unicorn), Midsummer Night's Dream (Southwark Playhouse), Pangu & Nuwa (Outdoor Trafalgar Square), Monkey! (Polka Theatre), Into the Woods / Big Top (Bridewell Theatre).
  Aaron M
Aaron MacKinson
17 yr old Aaron joined at 15. He supports FUSION and VOCABILITY. "I worked with 2Wave's Undergound Performance Group (15-17 years) to create a play called Unprovoked. We went to see Random by Debbie Tucker Green at the Royal Court Theatre where a youth dies in a random act of violence. It felt current. We took that trigger into Saturday workshops and began devising. A lot happened. Young people embraced it. Everyone was motivated. My role was to facilitate the process, travelling with it, seeing
  where they were taking it. I wrote a song, The Daily Routine which was a cycle for a particular day, where a boy loses his life. Next day everything's normal, but it's not. We performed the play with 2Wave's dance group Urban Reality at Lewisham Town Hall. I met with the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock and spoke to him about young people's experiences. Audiences said they were moved and I think it brought a deeper reality of youth violence to everyone."    
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Kloe Dean
Kloe Dean performed in the official Olympic Opening Ceremonies in London 2012.

Second Wave Patrons and former graduates, Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith of The Noisettes performed at The Olympics in 2012. The indie band were live at the BT River of Music Africa stage as part of a massive musical celebration, that included international musicians Baaba Maal, and Hugh Masekela.

Tori display
Tori display
Some of Victoria Taiwo's designs

Inspire Youth Dance
Inspire Youth Dance

Kloe Dean
Kloe Dean
Above, Kloe Dean working with Second Wave members
Kloe Dean's Myself
Kloe's dance company Myself performing in Swagga

Allan Okello's digital magazine NTZ
Allan Okello
Allan 'DJ Knowledge' Okello with soul singer Terri Walker "...and before you ask, no, she's not my girlfriend! This just happens to be my best pic!"

The Breakout Club
Tamsin aka The Concise One
Artwork by Tamsin

The Academy, a new TV show about a crumbling drama school, starring Ian McKellan with Leemore Marratt

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